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"Maysun is an exceptional photojournalist. Her courage, dedication and talent are admirable. She has the ability to connect, to document, to make you feel; these are the qualities that enable us to better understand international conflicts. Maysun is engaging, tireless and sincere. I am proud to have worked with her." 

Maria Mann.
Photojournalism Consultant and Public Speaker. Former Director of International Relations & Creative Photography at EPA (European Pressphoto Agency).

"While at EPA I had the pleasure to work with Maysun, who was covering Syria. Later on, I recommended her to Corbis, and now she has become a contributor at them. Maysun is a tough, resourceful and thorough photojournalist, capable to tack every job, from fashion to war, with outstanding quality. I strongly recommend her."

Horacio Villalobos
Photojournalist - Contributor at Corbis. Former  Senior Desk Editor at EPA (European Pressphoto Agency).

"Maysun is a talented photojournalist working around the clock and knowing no boundaries. She's an hard worker who notably recently built a strong documentary piece on the confrontation between pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian supporters, the referendum and the presidential elections, and a few weeks later,the war in Gaza. Her images are often moving and respectful of the dignity of the persons she photographed. I highly recommend Maysun for any assignment, as her work is always consistent, trustworthy, consistent and reliable."

Peggy Porquet
Editor in Chief, Managing Photo Editor, Team Management, Editorial Content. Former News Managing Editor at Corbis Images.

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